Call 646-334-9195 M-F 9-6
Call 646-334-9195 M-F 9-6


Pet Sitting.

We specialize in Round-the-Clock pet sitting in your own home.

In your own home pet sitting provides the best, most comfortable experience for your pets while
you are away for several days. We are able to nurture your pets all day, maintaining their normal
routines as much as possible, which reduces their separation anxiety.

New Client Consultation

New clients need to fill out a short form and schedule a free meet-and-greet consultation. This consultation allows us to get to know you, your routines, and your house rules, as well as interacting with your pets to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone. We’ll discuss your pet’s needs and create a customized care plan that ensures their happiness and well-being!

Start your free consultation today by filling out the on-boarding form.



Fastest response time


We will respond within 24 hours

14 + 1 =

Tasks that may include additional fees (TBD) include:

Cooking for pets

Excessive tick check

Administer medication to resistant or difficult pets

Bring pets to the vets or dog-park

Other tasks particular to your household

Arrival and Departure Options:

Off-hours Arrival time
Before 9:00 am +$10
Before 7:00 am +$20

Off-hours Departure time
After 7:00 pm +$10
After 9:00 pm +$20

Waived for Bookings 3+ days

Travel Options:

More that 30 minutes travel time, each way
30-60 minutes +$10
60+ minutes +$20
Waived for Booking 3+ days

 Service overlaps:

I will give access to your house cleaner and manage your pets during cleaning 

I will also give access to your construction, lawn care, and other workers, but I will not make decisions about their duties, deliver messages to/from them, or clean up large messes after they leave

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