Image Modification Using Photoshop

The following is some of the Photoshop alterations I did while at Star Bright Books, a children's book publisher

Carry Me Cover

While at Star Bright Books I had the privilege of working with Rena Grossman, the Star Bright Books Editor

Carry Me is one of the books Rena authored. It is a beautiful photographic board book of parents carrying their babies in various backpacks from around the world

My part was to fix a few of the photos which were causing them difficulties

The original photo Rena wanted to use as a cover looked like this:

She wanted the guy in the background gone. So I reconstructed the background

I also removed the tassel and the annoying thing above her hat, plus some spot removal

The final cover looks like this:

Interior Image

One of the interior photos looked like this:

You can see the bamboo shoot makes it a very disappointing shot

It's much better without the bamboo shoot

And the final edit looks like this. It is a bit larger than what was used in the book